Monday, September 24, 2012

Eye Department KCMC

Eye Department KCMC is a tertiary eye healthcare centre in north-eastern Tanzania, serving a population in excess of 8 million people. The catchment area covers Kilimanjaro Region, Arusha Region, Tanga Region, Manyara Region and Kondoa District.

The department fullfills the following functions:
1. Provision of quality eye healthcare services within its catchment area to all who need it and all who seek it.
2. Training of all tiers of eye healthcare cadres to meet the national demands and needs.
3. Conducting quality eye healthcare research to identify areas of need and prioritization of training.

Services available at the department are:
1. Cataract surgery services, covering extra capsular cataract extraction with PMMA intraocular lens implantation and phacoemulsification with foldable lens implanatation.
2. Paediatric ophthalmology service and strabismology. Comprehensive paediatric eye surgical services are available three days a week.
3. Vitreo-retina surgical services.
4. Refraction and optical services.
5. Glaucoma sub-speciality service.
6. Low vision rehabilitation.

The department also coordinates sponsorship for Masters of Medicine in Ophthalmology at Tumaini University - Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College.

For inquiries please contact:
Eye Department KCMC
P O Box 3010 Moshi - Tanzania
Tel: +255-27-275-4890
Fax: +255-27-275-4381

Physical Address:
Sokoine Road, Longuo B Ward,
Moshi Urban District, Kilimanjaro Region,

KCMC Hospital in Moshi - Tanzania

Eye Department (Built in 1976 with CBM Funding)

Eye Clinic

Dr Kaayi Examining a Patient

Eye Wards

Eye Department Operating Theater Building, Completed in 2008

Eye Department KCMC Operating Room.
Laser Therapy at the Minor Theater

Diode Laser Machine, the Work Horse of Laser Therapy at Eye Department
Automated Visual Field Examination at Eye Department KCMC 
Keratometry and A-Scan for Intra-ocular Lens (IOL) Power Calculation
Vitreo-Retina Surgery at KCMC
Dr Honest Maro Operating
Sr Fidea Musa
Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) for Glaucoma at KCMC
Dr David Yorston Teaching at KCMC 
Dr Honest Maro Leading a CPD Session 
Dr Furahini Godfrey Emphasizing a Point

Strabismus Surgery at KCMC

Eye Department Eye Outreach Program Bus

Quarterly Eye Department Management Committee Meeting

Projects Planning and Budgeting

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Program in Kilimanjaro and Arusha Administrative Regions

World Sight Day 2012, Collaboration with Regional Eye Health Authorities

Celebrating Graduation of Assistant Medical Officers Ophthalmology

Dr Honest Maro Giving a Word of Advice the Graduating AMOO Class of 2013

Strabismus Assessment in the Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinic

Carl Zeiss Stratus OCT Model 3000 in use at the Eye Clinic KCMC

Topcon TRC 50X Fundus Flurescein Angiography

International Collaboration - Professor Dithmar from Heidelberg Germany at KCMC

Zeiss Visulas YAG III at KCMC